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What my clients say about me

"Jasmine has been absolutely amazing. She is so understanding, kind and compassionate and is clearly very good at her job. She is quick to respond, always has suggestions on ways to help and has been very good at helping me understand my thoughts and feelings, I would highly recommend Jasmine to anybody who is wondering whether to book in with her."

~ Linda, University student, aged 19

“Jasmine helped me realise the trauma I went through - abandonment to assault – was not my fault. She gave me back my life and now I see that I am worth something, even on my worst days. She helped me to see the light inside me.” ~ Sue, self-employed, mother, aged 30.

"Thank you so much for the sessions. They have really made a positive impact to my everyday life, especially in terms of my mood, and I feel so much more confident."

~ Mark, postgraduate student, aged 24.

"I want to thank you so much for all the sessions over the months. You were just lovely, encouraging, a very patient listener, empathetic and kind. You really helped me through a difficult time of COVID, the house move, and the court case, all of which are really challenging. You helped me stay grounded."

~ Deborah, Professional, aged 45


“I have worked with Jasmine for around three months to process my resurfacing after a medical scare. She provided me a safe space to be emotional and express my overwhelming anxieties regarding my health, and validated these emotions as understandable given my situation. The sessions were a great comfort and allowed me to discuss the past, present, and future, as well as regain trust in myself, my health, and my body. I am leaving feeling hopeful and confident in regaining my life and I have Jasmine to thank for helping me enter this new era.”

~ Lexi, University Student, aged 21

"Jasmine has been my counsellor over several months. She was unfailingly kind, patient and supportive over a difficult period in my life, and she focussed on the problems I was dealing with in a practical, gentle and kindly manner."

~ Sarah, retired lawyer, 60


"I have really enjoyed my sessions so far and always look forward to them. Jasmine allows me to realise my strengths, empowers me and gives me a comfortable space to discuss my issues. I definitely recommend Jasmine!"

~ Janita, entrepreneur, aged 25

Jasmine's help and support throughout our sessions have been invaluable. I wanted therapy to find coping mechanisms for anxiety & depression. The safe space she created let me explore my emotions and work through them to make my personal goals feel more achievable. Before seeing Jasmine, I felt as though my anxiety was preventing me from living my life the way I wanted to. Since our sessions, I have become a much more confident person and am optimistic about the future. I feel lucky to have been able to speak to someone as caring as Jasmine. I can't recommend her enough! ~ Sam, Professional, aged 25

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