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My Approach

My Approach

I fully believe that you have the potential to heal yourself and refresh your life. I will help you realise that capacity.

I will do this by listening to you carefully and, with empathy, accept you fully, and provide you with unconditional support in a safe space where you can speak without fear of judgment. Through talking, you will gain clarity on your situation, become more aware of your choices, attune yourself to your strengths and achieve your therapeutic goals. You will be at the centre of the therapy and the process will enable you to take better charge over your life and its direction.

​My approach to counselling is largely based on the Person-Centred model and Relational approach. Both approaches are client centred and emphasise the importance of a quality therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist. Research shows that a quality relationship can be healing, and actually transformational, in helping you to repattern how you relate to yourself, other people and the world around you.

In addition to the Person-Centred and Relational approach, I also have training in, and apply, other counselling approaches. This includes: Pluralistic counselling, where I would focus on helping you discover your goals, strengths, and inner resources; Existential counselling, which can involve you exploring what is meaningful and purposeful for you; CBT, which involves drawing on alternative thinking strategies to help you combat issues such as anxiety; and Creative methods, such as using narrative or story to help you reframe events. I may also draw on Mindfulness strategies and visualisation techniques to help you imagine a desired future pathway. I apply these different approaches as required.

​Whatever the approach, it will always be grounded on a recognition of the importance of empowering you to enhance your autonomy, independence, and self-determination. We will adapt the approach to meet your individual needs and, together, we will create the right environment for you to heal and grow.

What My Clients Say ...

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